Glass breakage insurance

verzekerd tegen glasbreuk

Insured against glass breakage? Fully comprehensive or small omnium? You will always get an original car window from us!

Your insurance company calculates your yearly policy on the basis of more expensive original spare parts. So choose what you are entitled to: a new car window directly from an approved dealer. An original windscreen can be recognised by its refined workmanship and the presence of the brand, logo or stamp.

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Why work with SYLCO car glass?

Approved by the insurance companies

Sylco autoglass works together with the major insurance companies and handles the file directly with your broker or insurance company. That means you never have to intervene financially yourself. You only need to make an appointment, Sylco autoglass will do the rest. Call us on free phone number 0800 900 49.

Why work with SYLCO car glass?

Before we forget!

  • Making an appointment is simple and quick. You won’t find any call centres here, we speak to you ourselves.
  • We come to you and replace or repair your car window at home or at work. This way you do not lose valuable time.
  • You get a lifetime warranty. Both for the placement of the glass, the waterproofing and the materials used.
  • Our waiting times are short!

Approved by the insurance companies:

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